Volume 2, 2015 year


Blinova Y. A.
The Features of Sketches by V. M. Peskov
Khramtsova P. S.
Compositional, Thematic and Genre Features of «Bol'shie Puteshestvija"Kostra"»
Chizhovа E.
Television as an Object of Media Criticism in the "Literaturnaya Gazeta"
Nikolaeva O.
Specific Features of Chronotope in Bernhard Schlink’s Story «The Son» («Der Sohn»)
Pere P.
The Problem of the Lyrical Hero`s Self-identification in the Collection "Färjesång" by Gunnar Ekelöf
Konovalova M.
Gothic and Folklore Elements in Johan Theorin’s Detective Novel “The Quarry“
Kozina J.
The Image of the City in the Modern Swedish Detective